Technology Boards

Nearly 100 experienced business and technology experts volunteer their time to serve on MTI’s seven technology boards. Technology Board members evaluate MTI seed grant proposals and development award applications, make funding recommendations, and contribute advice to the MTI Board of Directors in matters of policy based on their in-depth knowledge of their industries’ technologies and needs in Maine.

Service on the MTI Technology Boards is purely voluntary, and is “open to private sector representatives, scientists and others determined appropriately representatives of the targeted technology sectors” (Sec. AAA-3. 5MRSA c.407). Anyone interested in serving on a Technology Board is encouraged to contact the Chair of the Technology Board, or the president of MTI, and their interest will be given due consideration by the Technology Board, and the MTI Board of Directors. All technology board members sign a Confidentiality Form and Conflict of Interest Form to ensure that applicant and MTI-funded company information is held in the strictest confidence. See the lists below for technology board members.

Advanced Technologies for Forestry & Agriculture

Bill Blaiklock
Woodcock Farm

Jay Brown
Bath Technical Services

Susan Coulombe
Irving Forest Products

Keith Kanoti
University of Maine Foundation Forest Mgmt.

Richard Kersbergen
University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Eric Kingsley, Chair
Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC

Matt Nightingale
Springlass Management Group

Richard Pfeffer
Gritty McDuff’s Brewing Co.

John Piotti
Maine Farmland Trust

Pat Sirois
Maine Forest Products Council

Jeffrey Spaulding
Eaton Peabody, P.A.

Aquaculture & Marine Technology

Ryan Beaumont
R.M. Beaumont Corporation

Nick Brown
Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research

Hugh Cowperthwaite
Coastal Enterprises Inc.

Oakley Dyer
Diversified Communications

Paul Dobbins
Ocean Approved, LLC

Steve Jury
University of New England

Bill Keleher
Kennebec River Biosciences

John Kraeuter
University of New England
Marine Science Center

Anne Langston
University of Maine

Dana Morse
Maine Sea Grant Program
UMaine Cooperative Extension

Carter Newell, Chair
Pemaquid Mussel Farms

Stephen Page
Ocean Farm Technologies


Brian Connelly
Faber Daeufer & Rosenberg PC

Claire Deselle
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

Clyde Dyar
Meadowbrook Consulting

Pam Gustin
Lampire Biological Laboratories

Karen Houseknecht
University of New England

Wayne Keown
Verrill Dana

Byungchul Kim
Beacon Analytical Systems Inc.

Douglas McAllister

Ah-Kau Ng
University of Southern Maine

Bill Palin, Chair
Foundation for Blood Research

Stephen Pelsue
Maine Biotechnology Services

Tove Rasmussen
Partners Creating Wealth

John Roche
Roche Biomedical Consulting Group

Andy Wright
Retired – Most recently at Hodgdon Group

Janet Yancey-Wrona
CryptoMedix, LLC

Composite Materials Technology

Robert Carr
Applied Thermal Sciences, Inc., Retired

Andre Cocquyt

Stan Farrell
Wizbe Innovations, LLC

David Erb
Tex Tech Industries, Inc.

Erik Grimnes*
Harbor Technologies, Inc.

Martin Grimnes*
Harbor Technologies, Inc.

Steve Hassett
Custom Composite Technologies

Steve Levesque
Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority

Debra Mattson
Mattson Workforce

Ryan McDermott
McDermott Shapes and Black Point Surf Shop

Dale Peabody
Maine Department of Transportation

Ken Priest
Kenway Corporation

Andy Schoenberg
Maine Composites Alliance

Scott Stephenson
Composite World Conferences

Steve Von Vogt, Chair
Maine Marine Composites

* only one vote accepted from members of the same company

Environmental Technology

John Adelman
CRPC Group

James Atwell
Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc.

Bill Behrens
ReVision Energy LLC

Stephen Cole

Amos Eno
Resources First Foundation

John Ferland

Josh Henry
University of Maine

Steve Kahl
Unity College

Joshua Kaufman
Pika Energy

Jeff Marks, Chair

Sharon Newman
Preti Flaherty

Aaron Paul
Tilson Technology Management

Andrew Price
Competitive Energy Services

Kwabena Osei
Hydro International

Information Technology

Michael Balsam
Bear Pond Research

John Brown
AeroHydro Inc.

Mark Donahue

Anastasia Fischer

Stephen Howard
Howard Associates

Dana Hutchins
Image Works/XhibitNet

Robert Kelly
LiquidHub, Inc.

Scott Knoll
Anania and Associates

Larry Langmore
Ocean Cove Consulting

Tom Lovering
Portland Webworks

Peter Murray

Mabel Ney

Ronald Roelke

David Rubenstein
Maine Aerospace Consulting

Dominic Tracey
The Rugby Net

Peter Van Alstine

Andrew Watt
TD Bank

Robert Waeldner, Chair
Waeldner Law Offices

Precision Manufacturing Technology

Bruce Drouin
Katahdin Trust Co.

Peter Frankwicz
Elmet Technologies

Mark Gartside

Daniel L. Huber
Lexmark International, Inc., Retired

Adam Jones
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Lisa Martin, Chair
Manufacturers’ Association of Maine

Chip Roche
North East Welding & Fabrication, Inc.

James Olson
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Ben Polito
Pike Energy, Inc.

Bruce Segee
University of Maine

Jeff Tounge
Tounge Associates