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Ocean Farm Technologies

Floating fish farms are easier to tend when constructed in sheltered waters. But that means that coastal views are disrupted and waste can accumulate despite the motion of waves. So farmers install expensive feed monitoring equipment or tow the pens to new locations—thus burning fuel and increasing cost. In waters off Puerto Rico, researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology test a self-propelled spherical fish cage made by Ocean Farm Technologies. About 20 yards wide, the fully submerged cage is designed to migrate from place to place using slow-moving propellers. (Business Week, Green Biz)

Ocean Farm Technologies Inc., (OFT) located in Searsmont, develops and markets innovative technology for aquaculture in exposed open ocean conditions. The patented Aquapod™ is a unique containment system for marine aquaculture, suited for rough open ocean conditions and a diversity of species. OFT has received MTI Seed Grants, a Development Award and SBIR assistance. From 2004-2010, OFT has raised $1 million of private capital and $400,000 in SBIR funding. Its Aquapod systems have been deployed in South Korea and Mexico for offshore cod and shrimp aquaculture.

Companies using Ocean Farm Technology’s net pens represent a new and growing number of firms globally pursuing sustainable open ocean aquaculture. In the future, says Cliff Goudey, director of MIT's Offshore Aquaculture Engineering Center, the cages could be tied to floating platforms bearing lights, positional sensors, and monitoring gear—all powered by wave motion or solar cells. Such systems would be almost autonomous, though people would still have to replace the feed. (Business Week, Green Biz)

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